Centum Foundation is the CSI initiative of the Centum Investment Company. We seek to enable entrepreneurs through the promoting of innovative ideas and businesses. We identify early stage innovative businesses that solve real problems with the potential to scale and give them access to the knowledge, capital, mentorship and networks they need to build great companies.
We do this through two programs:
a) Centum Entrepreneurship Program (CEP)
b) Create in 48
The Centum Entrepreneurship Program identifies and invests in companies with innovative, scalable ideas to a tune of up to $150K. In addition to capital, Centum Foundation steps in to help the Company set up the structures, strategies and relationships needed to turn it into a KES. 1B+ company.
Under this program, we have invested in the following companies:

Huge Africa Media Limited

hugeafrica_logo_final-01 Huge Africa Media is focused on building digital first media brands in big categories with passionate niche audiences. We aim to lead the trail for a new breed of African media properties that is in line with Africa’s youthful generation.


Our first platform is Blissful.co.ke, a weddings and events

blissful_logo_main-150p-01marketplace that connects people planning their weddings and events to vendors of different services. Blissful.co.ke gives wedding vendors of all sizes and in all areas the ability to grow their business by providing steady and transparent access to job opportunities.


Elimu Digital Media Limited


Elimu Digital Media LTD (EDM) is a company that offers educational solutions through technology and media (EDM). We aim to enable children and youth in hard to reach & low income communities to access quality education through various media enabled by technology.

EDM produces content for secondary school education under the 8-4-4 curriculum and distributes this content using various channels including free to air television (Elimu TV), online platforms via mobile and web & radio (Elimu Radio).


Bunifu Technologies Limited

bunifu logo

Bunifu Technologies is a software development and information security firm that prides itself in providing data protection and information security solutions for our clients. Our clients are individuals, small, medium and large businesses who are interested in data protection and creating a secure work environment that ensures business continuity. Our flagship product is Bunifu Antivirus which offers unique PC security and prides itself as the antivirus to be developed in Africa.


CreateIn48CREATEIN48 is a challenge hosted by Centum Foundation to find entrepreneurs who are resilient, hard-working and creative. In this challenge, we give KES. 20,000 to teams of entrepreneurs who are then required to execute an idea and turn a profit in 48 hours.
Those who are successful at providing a proof of concept for both the idea and the entrepreneurs behind it continue to receive support from Centum Foundation for up to six months. The teams in this program are working towards consistently generating a return and gaining traction that would qualify them for the CEP program. Through Create in 48, we have supported the following companies:

Alive & Young

Alive & Young LogoAlive & Young is a Skincare Company that uses goat’s milk as the main ingredient in its products. Our flagship product is an all-natural, organic goat’s milk bathing soap. Moving forward, we plan to introduce other products under the brand like lotions, body jelly, lip balm and among other skincare products. Our mission is to provide quality, affordable and competitive skincare products made from goat’s milk. Our vision is to be the largest goat’s milk skincare brand in Africa.
During the #Createin48, A&Y manufactured bath soap from scratch out of the founder’s kitchen. A&Y went ahead to generate revenues of KES. 31,000 from the sale of their organic goat’s milk soap despite facing electricity issues that slowed down their production process.

Desert Anyone

dessertsDesserts Anyone Limited is Kenya’s premier full-service chocolate desserts brand offering urban consumers access to healthy (fruit) chocolate and other chocolate (dessert) offerings, delivered experientially. Dubbed as Fun’s Healthy Twist, having started out in February 2014 with the simple idea to provide pre-packaged fruit chocolate, we now seek to drive our steady growth through our six divisions namely: Private Catering, Retail, Equipment Supply, Concessionary Stores, Gifting and Manufacturing (B2B). At Desserts Anyone Limited, it’s always our pleasure to sweet you.
During the #Createin48, Desserts Anyone generated revenues of KES. 42,000 from the sale of their chocolate covered skewers at TRM mall in Nairobi, despite facing issues with logistics around setting up their stations.

Speedial kenya

speed dial logo

Established in 2015, Speed Dial Ke, formerly known as RoadrunnersKe, has quickly grown to establish itself in the courier and errand running services profession, and provides delivery, waiting, and concierge services to a diverse range of customers throughout Nairobi. Speed dial services enable clients to prioritize their tasks more effectively by outsourcing the activities which take up time that can be used more constructively within their lives or business. The customized service we offer is intended to improve individuals and businesses performance by enabling them to have more flexibility and time to focus on the activities which are normally hurried or overlooked due to time constraints.
During #Createin48, Speedail Ke (Roadrunners Ke), generated revenues of KES. 33,750 from taking up a diverse range of errands including delivering graduation gowns to helping a wedding party get their cars washed.