Enabling Entrepreneurs

The Foundation aims to provide innovative SMMEs with the capital and business development tools they need to propel their growth through a business incubator.

We will leverage our unique position as a leader in the Kenyan (and East African) economy to provide the SMMEs withaccess to markets, knowledge and mentorship opportunities that will differentiate them.

The SMMEs will be identified through a thorough and transparent process that culminates in a presentation before a panel of judges. These judges awards funds and recommends incubation services for promising SMMEs as needed. The funds will then be disbursed according to the terms agreed by the Investment Committee.

The businesses that are funded and incubated are monitored as they grow to determine the impact of the investments on these young businesses and the economy as a whole.

Apply to Participate

Our Business Incubator

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1) Application

Rolling Applications open to Innovative SMMEs

2) Training and Assessment

Sponsor helps founder develop the presentation and plan. Entrepreneur Forum to be held at the end of the training period to provide feedback to candidates.

3) Funding

Founders present to the Fund's Investment Committee. IC makes the investment decision and makes recommendations for the Incubator.

4) Incubation

Founders receive resources needed to make their businesses sustainable and help them scale.

5) Monitor for Growth

Businesses that receive funding are monitored to determine effects of capital injection and mentorship.